Product Review: Silk Almond Creamer

After the coffee incident with my daughter recently (click here to read that story), I decided that I had to get rid of my creamer that had traces of milk in it. I went to Target in search of a creamer that was free of her allergens – milk, egg, and peanut.

I decided to try Silk Almond Creamer. It has almond in it (obviously) and it is made in a factory with other tree nuts. However, it’s not made in a factory with peanut and contains zero milk! It also contains soy, so you’ll need to avoid this creamer if soy or tree nuts are an allergy of yours.

They have multiple flavors, but I tried the “Sweet and Creamy” flavor. It’s really good! It honestly didn’t taste any different than my normal Coffeemate creamer. You may remember my other blog post about my “non-dairy” Coffeemate creamer that actually does contain milk. (Click here to see that post.) The consistency is good and you can’t tell it’s not milk.

I would highly recommend Silk brand almond creamers if you need a truly dairy-free coffee creamer! Let me know if you try it, too!

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