Journaling Through A Moment in History

Last week I found an amazing journal for kids to document everything that they are feeling and experiencing during this global pandemic with COVID-19. (Link to that amazing journal can be found here.) Inspired by that, I went on a hunt to find an adult version. To my disappointment, there wasn’t one that I could find. So… I decided to make one!

I wanted a way to easily document what what happening so I could look back at it years from now and remember the important moments, the funny moments, and the emotional moments. I don’t want to forget the way our world slowed down and changed during this time. My goal was to create a journal that ANYONE could use – even those that typically don’t journal or keep a diary. Hopefully you will find this helpful and easy to use! Please share with your friends and family! It is a free, downloadable, and printable journal. Enjoy!

My Quarantine COVID-19 Journal can be found here!

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