Every Label. Every Time.

This Thanksgiving we had a lesson in food allergies. This perfectly explains how hard it is to shop with them and how easy it is to make a mistake! My awesome sister-in-law called me while meal prepping to double check because she said that she didn’t see allergens listed on her yams. I told her that my small cans said they “may contain peanuts”. She read hers again and said they didn’t say that. I told her it was probably because she bought the big cans and I bought the small ones so they were probably made in a different factory. My sis-in-law went the extra mile be bringing me the containers of every item she used just to be safe. I pulled out the yams can and sure enough it said it could contain peanuts. (See picture #2). She was shocked and said she swore the others didn’t say that. We were so thankful that the one can that she brought for me to check had the warning. God was watching over us! She went home and checked last night and every other can does NOT have that warning. (See the first pic). This means that even though she bought the same size and same brand from the same store, there were some that may contain peanuts and some that didn’t!!! You literally have to read every label EVERY time. This is the life of someone with food allergies. It’s exhausting and frustrating and it just plain sucks. You can’t just trust a “safe food” because the one time you don’t may just be the one time it’s not safe 😞 Thankful for an overly-cautious sister-in-law who went a step further than most people would. It kept Asa safe this Thanksgiving!!!

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